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Graphic Design: How to make an impressive portfolio? Ask Ghazaal Vojdani

It is always a treat when we re-visit a previously mentioned creative’s website to discover some delicious updates to get our teeth into but let’s just say that a banquet wouldn’t describe well enough the copious amount of work graphic designer Ghazaal Vojdani has produced over the last three years. And it would have to be the fanciest of feasts, the finest of dining, because despite the voracity with which she has worked, the quality has not slipped once. Her work is smart, bold, with a sensitive eye to good typography and colour. Strength comes from her attention to layers, allowing text to both sit confidently apart from its effective background which continues to exist as an independent work in itself. Her oeuvre is vast and with so much already behind her with are excited to see the undoubtedly fantastic projects she launches herself into next!


Ghazaal Vojdani: Situationist Times at Yale


Ghazaal Vojdani:Varied Modifications–The Typeface


Ghazaal Vojdani: Painting Printmaking 2013


Ghazaal Vojdani: Criterions


Ghazaal Vojdani: Auction of Promises


Ghazaal Vojdani: The End of the World


Ghazaal Vojdani: Instant Archive