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Nice band identity from Parisian studio Atelier à Propos

We get no shortage of submission emails at It’s Nice That, so when one arrives from someone with a name that comes out as brilliantly as “Vincent Champagne” when viewed with Google translate enabled, it certainly livens things up. Real name the marginally less exciting Mr Champenois, Vincent is founder of Paris-based studio Atelier à Propos, which works on graphic design projects for clients as diverse as fashion brands, technology companies, writers and Bums, which is apparently a voucher site. However, of the studio’s recent work we were most impressed by the visual identity and print designs for the band Inkwood.

According to Atelier à Propos, the band’s music itself was the starting point for the identity, and it reckons the typeface illustrates the band’s technical mastery. We were most into the fingerprint-style stamp, though, which Vincent tells us he came to through exploring the work of American artist Bryan Nash Gill, whose work focusses on wood sculptures and relief prints. The rough feel of the print acts as a nice counterpoint to the strict, limited colour palette of red and blue on white; and neatly ties together the “ink” of the band’s name to the “wood.”