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Gorgeous rare posters by the likes of Picasso, Míro and Le Corbusier

It’s always great to see another side of the biggest names in art, and in this selection of posters from artists including Picasso, Henri Matisse, Yves Klein and Le Corbusier, our curiosity is amply satisfied. These masters’ works have been drawn together for a London exhibition showcasing lithographic posters from the archive of Galerie Mourlot, which originated in Paris but now calls New York its home. Each of the posters is lithograph printed, and all are fascinating; many showing a looser style to the ones we’re so familiar with from these big names.

The posters are on show at London’s King & McGaw Pop-up Gallery from 14 – 26 May.


Matisse: Poster


Brasilier: Poster


Masson: Poster


Leger: Poster


Míro: Poster


Míro: Poster


Le Corbusier: Poster


Picasso: Poster


Picasso: Poster