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Graphic designer Aurelia Peter is continuing the Swiss skill for typography

Like many designers, when Aurelia Peter looks back on her childhood, “a small girl who draws forms and figures on little square papers comes to mind,” she tells It’s Nice That. “At the time it was a subconscious act, but today I look at this as the origin of my fascination with colour, form and space.”

The Swiss designer’s creative prowess, developed during an apprenticeship, allowed her to realise “that graphic design is not merely a job for me — it is my passion”. The result is passionate work, often print based, that utilises graphic design trends and creates stylised work with a personable quality.

Growing up in St. Gallen, Switzerland, after her apprenticeship Aurelia had been well and truly bitten by the graphic design bug. “I wanted to discover more and started to explore typography at the Zurich University of the Arts,” she explains. She has continued her studies, now expanding her horizons on the university’s visual communication course, “allowing myself to deepen and widen my knowledge and fascination for graphic design”.

Typography remains a central graphic form in Aurelia’s work, showing that your first love in design is often the one that burns the brightest. “Projects like the redesign of the ZHdK magazine Zett embody my joy for editorial design,” she says. Through her art direction on the identity for Kultur Festival earlier this year, Aurelia utilised alternate forms of typography to create an elegant combination of fonts. The design’s colour palette additionally added a layer of class, an unlikely grey, orange and blue combination that sings. Her love for typography is also evident in Fraine her record sleeve artwork, which uses spacing that is minimalist yet still eye catching. “It is important to me to venture experiments and to establish an independent visual language, which is based on a conceptual ideal.”


Aurelia Peter: Fraine


Aurelia Peter: Fraine


Aurelia Peter: Kultur Festival


Aurelia Peter: Kultur Festival


Aurelia Peter: Totally Drunk


Aurelia Peter: Totem and Tabu


Aurelia Peter: ZETT magazine