Ben Pier: Sharks

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Beautifully nostalgic shots of suburban America from photographer Ben Pier

It’s a pretty bizarre sensation to experience nostalgia for something you’ve never actually experienced; how is it even possible to relate to events that are entirely alien? But that’s exactly the feeling conveyed by Ben Pier’s Teenage Teeth. A catalogue of almost a decade of documenting American youth, (and some pretty youthful geriatric characters) the series harnesses the cinematic immediacy of blue-collar America. Featuring snapshot after snapshot of events and experiences that we understand purely from the standpoint of a movie-goer (any US nationals reading this, we envy your cinematic youth), from high-school lunch halls to low-rise whitewashed homes.

If this kind of rough-and-ready imagery floats your boat as much as it does ours, then you’re in luck as Ben’s book of the same title launches tonight at the Ed Varie gallery New York. Well worth stopping by. We’d love to, but you know, the Atlantic’s in the way.


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