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Friday Mixtape: Illustrator Bendik Kaltenborn takes us back to the 80s

Norwegian illustrator Bendik Kaltenborn’s drawings are steeped in melodies. His work is full of movement, especially the shapely dispositions of his characterful forms. His illustrational style is one you may recognise from his consistent work for Norwegian musician Todd Terje. Each of Bendik’s sleeve designs mirror the music at hand, as well as representing his own joyful approach to drawing.

A DJ also, Bendik is an ideal curator of this week’s Friday mixtape, crossing both design and music disciplines. The result is a nostalgic mix with lots of 70s and 80s references to see you through the end of the week with a groove.


Why have you picked these songs?

Once a month I DJ at a bar in Oslo with my friend and colleague Espen Friberg (playing frenetic back to back under the name KNA Hjulspinn) and these are songs I’ve played a lot recently. We try to mostly play stuff many people might not have heard but hopefully will like instantly.

Where should this mixtape be listened to?

At work or with a beer or both.

What albums did you listen to as a teenager?

I was heavily into The Beatles and Nirvana in my early teens. After the shocking death of Kurt Cobain I remember having trouble listening to Nirvana because for some reason I felt it was macabre to listen to a dead man’s voice, when it struck me that John Lennon had been dead for years…


Cass McCombs


Cocteau Twins

What song or album is consistently playing in your studio and why?

Cass McCombs is probably the one artist I’ve played the most at my studio. But I have some rules; when I have to think I play dreamy music like Cocteau Twins, Harold Budd, Daniel Herskedal, etc. When I’m finishing up a drawing or colouring I listen to whatever new stuff I can find on Tidal. But in general I spend way too many office hours at allmusic.com searching for stuff (mostly from the 80s).

If a feature film of your life was to be made, what song would be on the trailer?

Ha ha! What a movie, I guess it would have to be the Benny Hill theme song.