Benoît Bodhuin: ZIGZAG Poster (detail)

Work / Exhibition

Graphic Design: Serious show with some serious new work from Benoît Bodhuin

French designer and typographer Benoît Bodhuin has started to take himself a little more seriously of late. The experimental type designer used to be content to just release new fonts into the world as and when he saw fit, but now all that’s had to change and he’s marking this shift with a new show. His latest exhibition La typo, c’est sérieux!, or Typography, this is serious! puts Benoît’s thoughts on his process at the very forefront of the show, using his existing creations in a multitude of posters, prints and specimen samples that show the impressive extent of his abilities. What’s more he’s changed his URL from the frivolous www.benbenworld.com to the infinitely more austere www.bb-bureau.fr. I guess he just decided it was time to grow up!


Benoît Bodhuin: La typo, c’est sérieux!


Benoît Bodhuin: La typo, c’est sérieux!


Benoît Bodhuin: La typo, c’est sérieux!


Benoît Bodhuin: La typo, c’est sérieux!


Benoît Bodhuin: Marianne Poster


Benoît Bodhuin: Mineral Poster


Benoît Bodhuin: ZIGZAG Poster