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Celebrate the most welcome Friday in the history of time with Best of the Web

No matter what your feelings are towards this most unbelievable of weeks, we can all be unanimous in celebrating its end. As a hopefully cheery distraction to the all-encompassing news dominating our feeds and conversations, here the It’s Nice That team presents some fun titbits from the last week of internet, from a Ned Flanders-themed metal band to animated fruit – it’s Best of the Web.

A word art generator, which also features that patronising paper clip thing. #memories (Simon)

This film featuring the home of architect Tchaik Chassay and Melissa North is the best yet of Apartamento and Nowness’ collaboration. I smiled throughout and now want to paint my bedroom green. (Lucy)

I just came across this (below) on my FB feed today. It’s a response to the news about the death of the great Leonard Cohen, and others we’ve lost in 2016. (I like the touch of including the Toblerone… devastating.) I wish i’d made it. (Charlie)


Matthew Guy, maker of the Catleidoscope, dropped by the studio earlier this week to show us his latest work, and we got to talking about his Catcordion. You resize your page to make beautiful miaow music. This made me very happy because cats. (Kate)

If this week’s political happenings weren’t enough to scare you, EyeEm has created the first magazine curated by artificial intelligence. Which might mean we’re soon to be out of a job… (Bryony)

Amazing series by photographer Damon Winter on Donald Trump (he won a Pulitzer for feature photography on Obama’s campaign) for The New York Times. (Lucy)

The Ned Flanders-themed metal band Okilly Dokilly has just released its first music video for the single White Wine Spritzer. (Ali)

Harley Weir’s project for The Fifth Sense, Chanel and i-D’s combined creative platform, profiles women through short films, documentary and a zine with a print run of 10,000. (Jenny)

Disegno talks to designer Peter Marigold about his new initiative Cass Starters, which encourages students to launch products using crowdfunding. (Beccy)

Written and created by Nice and Serious, with storyboarding by Marylou Faure, One Sweet World is a Ben and Jerry’s ad that takes on divisive politics through the medium of animated fruit. (Jenny)

And finally, thanks internet for this little chuckle, I needed it. If whoever bought the almanac could own up and kindly return things back to normal, I’d greatly appreciate it. (Jenny)