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Best of the Web: who to follow, your best chat and our fav things online

This week’s Best of the Web brings you the finest things we’ve seen on the net, to the topics that have got your tongues wagging and the folk we reckon you should be following on social. No need to thank us!

A great way to distract from having crap product…“Some wee c***s putting ironing boards n hoovers and shit oan his maws heed” (Jamie)

Bjorn from ABBA is leading the crusade to phase out all paper money, money, money in Sweden (Jenny)

One-third of seminal riot grrl band Le Tigre and searcher of a “lesbian utopia” the adorable frontman of MEN, JD Samson, has let Apartamento snoop around her Brooklyn pad. It’s up on Nowness and it’s great. (Emily)

The titanic wind tunnels Nasa used to test aircraft. Wow. (Jamie)

This has made the rounds this week ALOT, the legend that is Guy Goma who was interviewed live on BBC News having been mistaken for technology expert Guy Kewney. He even has his own Wikipedia page with the transcript of the interview. I can’t stop watching it! (Manda)

Hot Topic!

Who to Follow

Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

Jordy van den Nieuwendijk is running around New York ahead of his Maan exhibition which opens on Saturday at the Moiety Gallery. As always his Instagram feed is a lovely little diary of what he’s up to.

Annu Kilpeläinen

Annu Kilpeläinen’s Instagram feed is a relentless blast of colour, along with some lovely updates of her recent works including this ace cover for Yen magazine.

A photo posted by Annu Kilpeläinen (@annukil) on

Oliver Jeffers / Duke Riley Studio

One crazy, beautiful video of pigeons flying around with LED lights strapped to them from Oliver Jeffers. The snapshot was taken from a preview of Duke Riley’s performance piece, Fly By Night.

Charlotte Trounce

Taking a break from her usual illustrative updates, Charlotte Trounce seems to be on a little art-culture trip around Kyoto. It’s always nice to see a part of the world through the eyes of a creative, even if it does make ugly cry with holiday envy.

Joan Cornellà

Getting yourself banned on Facebook is pretty frustrating, but even more so when you have 3.7 million followers. This is exactly what happened to Joan Cornellà this week. Luckily you can still get your crude comic fix on Twitter.