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29 April 2016
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This week’s Best of the Web is a bumper edition, detailing not only the finest things we’ve found on the internet this week but also our pick of people to follow. Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

Geeking out on Beetles. (Jamie)

Monocle 24 Investigates What it Takes to “Cover” Architecture and Design. (Owen)

Finally a timepiece I can really get on board with: a clock with an alarm that “rings after 79% of the work day is done so women can go home” to highlight the male/female pay gap. (Emily)

Olly Wainwright explains why the V&A’s recent “No sketching” signs betray everything the museum stands for. (Beccy)

If you dig construction, have a look at the Bridge Girder Erection Monster Machine. (Julian)

I watched this documentary on Netflix at the weekend. I thought it was absolutely fascinating – it’s about a girl (who was a producer at Mother) who is recovering from a horrific stroke. (Alice)

Nasa streaming live from the space station. (Ali)

New York artist Tauba Auerbach shows off her new book project over on Nowness. (Emily)

Nice example of a different kind of opinion piece from the Guardian books section (Julian).

Julian Glander

From snippets of WIP to more surreal personal updates, animator Julian Glander’s tweets provide a breath of fresh air among the barrage of BS that can clog up your twitter feed.

Christoph Niemann

Heck, you may already know all about this guy. But did you know his Instagram feed is full of abstract visual musings, strictly only posted on Sundays? Clues in the name, I guess.

Camilla Perkins

If you’re craving some summer “feels” you’ll do well to follow Camilla Perkins on Instagram. The illustrator has also been picked as one of Pick Me Up’s 2016 Selects, so there’s some interesting insights to be had there too.

Joseph Pelling and Becky Sloane

A shameless plug? Maybe. But as the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared creators gear up for the final ever episode you can expect all kinds of weirdness from their channels. Oh, DHMIS is also the latest cover on Printed Pages (that’s the plug).


Stamp design specialist Blair Thomson has just released a book with Unit Editions as part of their archive series. However, if you prefer to view stamp collections via digital technology, you should follow this channel for sure.

Nothing gets designers talking more than an Olympic logo. With Japan’s new Tokyo 2020 identity released earlier this week, here’s what some of you had to say about the matter on Facebook. Feel free to add your opinion too.

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