Lena Emery: Orange (detail)

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Photography: Lena Emery takes remarkable food photos for Black Isle Bakery

You can more or less guarantee that everything associated with luxurious food magazine The Gourmand will have an aesthetic that’s equally sophisticated, but these shots for Black Isle Bakery by photographer Lena Emery take the biscuit (yes, pun intended). The bakery, run by Ruth Barry, has taken up residence at KK Outlet for the duration of The Gourmand’s September exhibition to provide the finest tea and cake your discerning palate has ever enjoyed, and to celebrate they’ve launched a new website designed by OK-RM, who also art directed the shoot. These Van Eyck-style renderings of earthy chestnut mushrooms and fresh salmon rolls have got us salivating unreservedly, the arrangements of food on carefully considered backdrops bringing a physicality to something as intangible as flavour.

The Black Isle Bakery will be serving daily at KK Outlet until September 28.


Lena Emery: Apple


Lena Emery: Salmon


Lena Emery: Red Cabbage


Lena Emery: Mushroom


Lena Emery: Orange