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Bodil Jane’s illustrations: ornate, exotic and really very lovely

Dutch illustrator Bodil Jane has been making waves on the illustration scene since graduating from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Beginning commissioned work in her second year of studying her portfolio has grown in strength and variety, including clients such as The Plant Journal, Radio Times and Amsterdam & Co.

What we particularly love about Bodil’s work is her eye for imagining the personal interiors of her characters. Her illustrations are lovely in how relatable their content is. Inspired by “recipes, animals, fashion, interiors, plants, packages and maps”, looking at Bodil’s work is like walking round an undiscovered antique shop of colourful, homely goodies.

Her illustrations are full of life without being overbearingly busy. “I think I’m obsessed with objects. I get really inspired by flea markets. I love postcard collections, exotic curiosities, antique tableware, freaky dolls, and so on. I just love things,” Bodil explains. In her wide range, yet considered, use of colour you can see a relation to an assortment of cultures including; “Mexican ornaments, Japanese portraits of women from the 1930s and Persian miniature art."

Bodil’s style has developed by keeping her approach simple but accurate. Consistently created by hand, her flowing use of ink and watercolour are as inviting on screen as they are in print. This is a consequence of Bodil’s resistance of technology, but sensibility of knowing exactly when to use mixed media, “For a while I’ve been experimenting with more mixed media, using textures of digital lines. Still the base of my illustrations is always very analog.”

Bodil has the ability to create self-initiated work but also successfully fulfil a client brief, displaying the extensive capabilities of this versatile but stylistic illustrator.


Bodil Jane: Botanical Scenes


Bodil Jane: Flow Magazine


Bodil Jane: Botanical Scenes


Bodil Jane: Interior Scenes


Bodil Jane: Interior Scenes


Bodil Jane: People and Places


Bodil Jane: Interior Scenes


Bodil Jane: People and Places


Bodil Jane: Botanical Scenes


Bodil Jane: Amsterdam & Co