Worldly wisdom from the over-70s on new website Bolder

7 April 2015

“Yes we do live in an ageist society – but it is changing. More people as they retire are staying active, you see older people out skiing, golfing, swimming and travelling. They aren’t lying around letting the world go by. Attitudes are changing but there is a definite cult of youth. My life motto? Be positive and never give in.”

Wise words from Muffie Grieve, 82, that can be found on Bolder, a new site curated by Helen Cathcart and Dominique Afacan. The concept of the site is a simple one: to champion people aged 70 and over and gain a little insight into their secrets to good living. The list so far includes photographers, painters and printmakers, a world record-holding pilot, a hotelier and a tennis champion, all of whom have achieved more than most of us twenty-somethings could feasibly comprehend.

Interviewed by Dominique and photographed by Helen, Bolder’s subjects offer a refreshing perspective on life from the other side of middle age, which makes me wonder what we’re all worried about.

“I see tennis as a lesson for a lifetime,” says Muffie. “You win some, you lose some and you fight again. Nobody goes through life without problems – but you learn to deal with them.”


Bolder: Muffy Grieve


Bolder: Sylvia Paskin


Bolder: Jennifer Murray


Bolder: Michael Sandle


Bolder: Terry O’Neill


Bolder: Tess Jaray

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