Simon Hanselmann’s hand-drawn bookshelf

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Bookshelf: Here we are book lovers! It’s our favourite Bookshelves of 2013

The It’s Nice That Bookshelf is widely regarded to be the best feature on any website in the history of the internet. I like to think of it as a cheerful consolation prize for people that aren’t famous enough to go on Desert Island Discs yet. Here we look back at five of the most interesting shelves we’ve had this year. Get your pens out, you’re going to want to write some of these down.

Marc Allum


Marc Allum’s Bookshelf

We saw Marc Allum on Antiques Roadshow and thought he’d do a great Bookshelf, and we were right! Samurai, human skulls and a book about medieval freaks made his cut, and made for a seriously interesting read indeed. Thanks Marc!

Misaki Kawai


Misaki Kawai’s Bookshelf

Probably the most hilarious selection we’ve seen all year here from the lovely artist Misaki Kawai. When describing a book about India she merely says “Remind me of walking on slippery streets in India – watch out your butty!” Wise words indeed. Thank you, Misaki!

Simon Hanselmann


Simon Hanselmann’s Bookshelf


Simon Hanselmann’s Bookshelf

Mmmmm probably couldn’t get much better than a hand drawn bookshelf from Simon Hanselmann. Not only did he sketch and label his book-keeping areas, he also recommended some of the most weird and wonderful tomes you can imagine. Thank you Simon!

Tom Edwards


Tom Edwards’ Bookshelf

The best thing about medieval lad Tom Edwards’ bookshelf is how much is completely mirrors his work and his passions. From Jeremy Deller’s Folk Archive to the Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England, this selection of publications is a gateway into Tom’s very soul.

Matt the Horse


Matt The Horse’s Bookshelf

Matt is so great. His books are locked in his Grandad’s garage in Preston, so he had to do a tour of all the best bookshops in Leeds in order to retrace his steps and find his favourite tomes. Taken along the way, his photos and the captions that go with him reflect the funny, kind man that he is. Of course he’s got a book called An Omelette and a Glass of Wine, of course he does.