Bora creates other-worldly 3D characters with fluidity and tenderness

The artist shares how a keen imagination and interest in other peoples’ stories allows them to create a safe space for marginalised and misrepresented narratives.

7 September 2022


It’s the inherent freedom of the digital realm that makes it so attractive for multidimensional artist Bora; not only for its vast technical potential, but also for the inclusivity it manifests. “In the parallel digital realms, we’re able to transcend norms and stigmas,” she details.

With their brilliantly textured, colourful characters and a keen focus on “tenderness and fluidity”, Bora makes a space for those who are often less (or mis-) represented. Creating “infinite portals” for their characters, in these new worlds “their marks are their biggest strength, their stories shine and what we consider ‘ugly’ here is incredibly special there," Bora says. “They have space to heal, exist, breath, love and feel”.

Seeing how unique Bora’s pieces are, it makes sense for imagination to be one of their driving forces, with “its infinite power to take action and create new narratives”. However, Bora doesn't just use her own musings and creativity, as they also love to find inspiration in others: “collecting” their stories and then digitally translating them. With a unique method of working, Bora imagines a new, more inclusive way for us to exist and create.


Bora: My Body, My Castle (Copyright © Bora, 2022)


Bora: Brûler, Toujours, Digital Sculpture (Copyright © Bora, 2022)


Bora: They Whistle the New Moon (Copyright © Bora, 2022)


Bora: We Ourselves Are The Ruins (Copyright © Bora, 2022)


Bora: Kindness is Not a Failure (Copyright © Bora, 2021)


Bora: I Carry You On My Back, Like a Melody I’ve Never Heard Before (Copyright © Bora, 2022)


Bora: My Nose, Horizon. Reminds me of the Colours of the Sky (Copyright © Bora, 2021)


Bora: Every Scar is a Virtue (Copyright © Bora, 2022)


Bora: Joy is My Revolt (Copyright © Bora, 2022)

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Copyright © Bora, 2022

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