Brandon Celi: Kleenex

Work / Illustration

Illustrated tips on making a Furby beer can holder. Thanks Brandon Celi!

Covering beer-holding Furbys, flaxen-haired Nickelback chump Chad Kroeger and laptop Scrabble, Toronto-based illustrator Brandon Celi’s subjects are as varied as his work is brilliant. He works in paint to bring to life hilarious scenarios including a reimagining of the Wizard of Oz scene where the wicked witch is crushed by a house, but this time targeting surely the most evil (aesthetically, at least) of all footwear: Crocs.

The little Furby beer holder comes from a wonderful series Brandon calls Help, in which he illustrates “helpful ideas that you can adopt to increase the efficiency of consumer objects.” In a less pantie-liner-heavy version of Love It! magazine top tips, we see the fun we can have with a simple computer keyboard word game, or how a large cool box can double up as a cheery blue coffin.


Brandon Celi: Cold Storage


Brandon Celi: Scrabble Laptop


Brandon Celi: Jerry Seinfeld


Brandon Celi: Chad Kroeger


Brandon Celi: Maple Leaf pizza snacks project