Say Hello, Wave Goodbye: This is the last of Bráulio Amado’s yearly books

The designer and illustrator is bringing his yearly book series to an end, “mainly because I’m sick of doing it and they had to end sometime”.

19 July 2023


For the past seven years, Bráulio Amado has been releasing an annual book jam packed with an array of projects, personal work and photographs from the previous year. It’s been a precious insight into the workings of one of our favourite designers practising today – a peek into how he works, how his style has evolved and the odd look into his everyday life. But the time has finally come. “Some things in nature move in cycles of seven years, so I thought it was a good number to end with,” Bráulio says. But, also, he admits “mostly because I’m sick of doing these and they had to end sometime.” Lol.

Bráulio has always tried to make each edition slightly different, with new ways of organising the projects and including information. Though the main form has never changed all too much to ensure the books felt like a collection. What’s more is that each of the covers have existed as a a frame-by-frame animation, Bráulio explains, with each one “riffing off the previous issues cover”. Fittingly, for the seventh edition, Bráulio has opted for a near plain black cover (apart from two of his trademark flowers) “to mark the ending”.


Bráulio Amado: 2022 (Copyright © Bráulio Amado & Stolen Books, 2023)

Signposting some of the standout work from the book, Bráulio draws attention to his Good Room posters – a collection he sees as some of his “best” work. “I’m very lucky to have so much freedom to create these, they almost work like a sketchbook where I’m having fun and trying out new stuff, and often those new experiences bleed into other projects, and I think that’s more noticeable on this issue,” he says. Other projects stand out to Bráulio for their pertinence and the memories they hold. Invited to a residency in Grottaglie in Italy by Angelo Milano from Studio Cromie, the pair spent their time walking round the town, turning “random daily things and moments” into screen-printed pieces – “it was a lot of fun”, Bráulio says. In this addition you’ll even be treated to pictures of Bráulio himself in his studio. Well, kind of. Enlisting the help of his friend Michael Marcelle to take the photos, they show Bráulio in a fleshy mask examining items from his space, adding a bit of “weirdness and silliness” to the book.

On the whole, Bráulio feels as though not much will change following the end of the books. One thing he does know, however, is that he still wants to put his energy into publications. Yet this time they will focus on a broader concept, story or theme. In the meantime, Bráulio is hoping to take some time to “chill out” and take his time with some personal projects. “Maybe a book every five years? ten?,” Braulio says. “Who knows.” On our behalf, goodbye yearly book! You’ll be missed.

GalleryBráulio Amado: 2022 (Copyright © Bráulio Amado & Stolen Books, 2023)

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Bráulio Amado: 2022 (Copyright © Bráulio Amado & Stolen Books, 2023)

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