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Film: Braulio Amado blows his budget on the promotional film of the century!

We introduced you to the work of Portuguese illustrator and designer Braulio Amado earlier in the year and showed off some of his lovely work. Since then he’s hit the big time and had a really expensive film made to showcase his talents. This is as big budget as illustration gets, with no expenses spared; there’s explosions, half-naked ladies and Braulio even manages to shoot bullets from his own human fingers. Who said the creative industries couldn’t be action-packed? Braulio’s like the Stallone of drawing. BANG!


Braulio Amado: Better Email Braulio


Braulio Amado: Better Email Braulio


Braulio Amado: Better Email Braulio


Braulio Amado: Better Email Braulio (By the way, we know this is an homage to Breaking Bad, but that seems too obvious to mention)