Brecht Vendenbroucke: Ignore The Flag

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Brecht Vandenbroucke has a new solo show on. Time to celebrate his work again!

We’ve always gone nuts for Brecht’s work, his deeply satirical view on the modern world is impossible not to enjoy. But recently we’ve noticed he’s actually improving rapidly. We thought his work simply couldn’t be beaten, but he’s become not only a better illustrator as the years have progressed, but also a better satirist. Examining his recent work you’ll find all kinds of imagery that deals with current affairs and news stories in the most extraordinary fashion, dressing them up in cartoonish clothing to sneak hawk-eyed observations under the radar. But in truth Brecht sees the world for what it is, and pictures that seem like just a bit of fun at first can often have some pretty hard-hitting messages.

If you want to find this out in person, his work is on show at Galerie Martel, Paris until 10 May 2014.


Brecht Vendenbroucke: White Cube


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Brecht Vendenbroucke: Ignore The Flag


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