Brecht Vandenbroucke: But Is It Still Comix?

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Brecht Vandenbroucke came to say hello, and has incredible new work!

We don’t do this very often but one of our heroes, Brecht Vandenbroucke, turned up at the studio this morning all the way from Antwerp, just to say hi. It reminded us of what a thoroughly nice chap he is – he always hand-paints any envelope he sends our way – and what an incredible talent too. He kindly signed and drew in a copy of the Autumn 2013 Printed Pages, for which he created an exclusive set of White Cube comics, which we’ll be giving away later today on the Printed Pages Twitter. But for now remind yourself of what a terrific chap he is by enjoying his latest portfolio updates. Bye now!


Brecht Vandenbroucke: Age Of Reason


Brecht Vandenbroucke: First Date


Brecht Vandenbroucke: Young Minds In Critical Condition


Brecht Vandenbroucke: Rice Dream


Brecht Vandenbroucke: Love Is Staying Strong Together


Brecht Vandenbroucke: Robert


Brecht Vandenbroucke: You Can’t Hang With Us


Brecht Vandenbroucke: But Is It Still Comix?