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Brian Blomerth illustrates a “trippers guide” to the iPhone 64

Within his work, illustrator and cartoonist Brian Blomerth follows the ethos “be the change you want to see in the world,” he tells It’s Nice That.

Brian says he has “always prayed to find a ‘trippers guide’ to a fax machine,” and as a consequence he has created his own, of sorts, but to a piece of technology we are probably a bit more familiar with. “iPhone 64 (User’s Guide) is a real simple/silly little book that’s part ‘dumb’ hypothetical ideas on the future direction of the Apple Computer company and part drug guide. A panic attack disguised as an Apple advert.”

An illustrator “in the Adult Dog-Face genre,” Brian’s comic is a psychedelic interpretation of a user’s guide, “beautifully Risographed by the kind folk of Tan & Loose press”. Brian’s technique in creating the publication was created by “drawing directly in ink with Rapidograph pen and a coloured combination of Photoshop/transparencies and Sumi ink.” The combination creates a Risograph print like no other, a mix of texture and patterns which illustrate a whole new kind of futuristic interpretation.

Despite Apple having no knowledge of Brian’s interpretation of the 64th iPhone he thinks, “I could be 100% right. So get a copy, put it in your drawer and then call me in 50 years on your new iPhone 64 to demand a refund if this User’s Guide doesn’t work".


Brian Blomerth: iPhone 64


Brian Blomerth: iPhone 64


Brian Blomerth: iPhone 64


Brian Blomerth: iPhone 64


Brian Blomerth: iPhone 64