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Carlín Díaz expands his practice to psychedelic paintings and animations

We’ve had a soft spot for Carlín Diaz’s crafted collages at It’s Nice That for some time now, but 2017 sees a new creative venture for the illustrator. It might only be March but he has already extended his practice to include animation and painting.

As if Carlin wasn’t already an expert in arranging paper into scenic moments through collage, when Carlín picks up a paint brush his talent applies itself again. The illustrator’s collages use layers of varying shades to create depth, an approach he applies in his paintings. Edges of shapes, whether it be hills or a hairdo, are naturally shaded to create a richness. His colour palette within these paintings develops away from the pastels that feature in his paper work, verging on a more psychedelic colour range.

The movement within Carlín’s illustrative style is ideal for animation. At the beginning of the year he revealed a music video for Kakkmaddafakka’s song Lilac. “More than four months were needed to carry out Kakkmaddafakka’s video,” explains the illustrator. “It tells the story of two strangers who spent a special day together in Bergen. After that, with no way to contact each other, they will meet again in their memories.” The short, directed by Carlín, Jose Rafael Delago and Maxime Bousquet sees a smitten dog and duck and expands Carlín’s practice to draw interiors with a kaleidoscope twist.


Carlín Diaz: Kakkmaddafakka


Carlín Diaz: Kakkmaddafakka


Carlín Diaz: Kakkmaddafakka


Carlín Diaz: Kakkmaddafakka


Carlín Diaz: 201 people from everywhere carrying together mother 7


Carlín Diaz: Smoking Kills


Carlín Diaz: Une Scene D’amour


Carlín Diaz: Man Trying to Put Out The Fire


Carlín Diaz: Mother Nature