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Graphic designer Cecilia Serafini uses typography with vibrant panache

In graphic designer Cecilia Serafini’s biography she says she completed an MA in Graphic Design at the London College of Communication in 2014 and “has been busy working ever since,” and she’s not wrong.

Cecilia’s work uses typography to elevate a publication or poster’s content. Whether it be a bold serif or thinner sans-serif used, the designer’s work touches upon various styles but maintains her own consistently vibrant panache.

Working mostly in editorial design Cecilia’s recent clients include, Rodnik Band for Urban Outfitters, childrenswear brand Elias & Grace and Serpentine Gallery which the designer created a booklet for during their exhibition Miracle Marathon in 2016. The posters included in her portfolio are mostly for music clients and she has shared the first in a series of posters she will be completing for Helen Nisbet, who is completing a curatorial fellowship at Cubitt Gallery.

More recently Cecilia has joined the design team at Boiler Room, a great fit for a designer like herself who regularly visualises musical content.


Cecilia Serafini: Miracle Marathon for Serpentine Gallery


Cecilia Serafini: Miracle Marathon for Serpentine Gallery


Cecilia Serafini: Boiler Room


Cecilia Serafini: Boiler Room


Cecilia Serafini: Ana Luz poster


Cecilia Serafini: Kairo Poster


Cecilia Serafini: La Luna Poster


Cecilia Serafini: Leonora Poster for Cubitt Gallery


Cecilia Serafini: Paula Trama Poster


Cecilia Serafini: SXSW Poster