Christopher Delorenzo: Nude with phone (detail)

Work / Illustration

Stunning nudes and monochromes with a story from Christopher Delorenzo

Usually, I assume that only the most daft, confident or drunk people get tattoos of other people’s illustrations they’ve found on Tumblr. But in the case of “anonymous,” who recently asked graphic artist Christopher Delorenzo if he’d mind if they used one of his drawings to get some ink, I think maybe they’re on to something. Christopher has said that his work is informed by literature and writing: something very much evident in the way each of his simple monochrome drawings manages to convey a rich narrative in black, white and charm. The nudes are stunning – voluptuous and with such a great expression of form – but with a wry eye on the modern world as they clutch an iPhone. Even without much in the way of facial features (just a nose, in some cases), their faces speak a thousand words.


Christopher Delorenzo: Black and White


Christopher Delorenzo: Folding Towels in a Towel


Christopher Delorenzo: Skinny Dippers


Christopher Delorenzo: Whisky Man


Christopher Delorenzo: Nude with phone


Christopher Delorenzo: Nude with phone


Christopher Delorenzo: Nude with phone