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Sexual, surreal and disturbing: the weird work of super-skilled Claudia Maté

What if women were stripped to robotic facsimiles of themselves, composed of blank-eyed stares and heightened sexual characteristics? What if an online shop resembled a clinical, peculiar office space – a water-cooler orbited by signs and symbols of capitalism and digital culture? What if David Bowie’s eye became a disembodied globule, floating in space?

These strange and rather eerie eventualities have been explored with superb digital skill and considerable creative wit by one Claudia Maté, a Spanish-born, London-based digital artist.

Working across programming, 3D, video, video games, VR, gifs and sound, alongside her personal art practice Claudia has clocked up an impressive client list including Adult Swim, MTV, Gucci and ShowStudio. Her work manages to blend the familiar with the odd, and the futuristic with strange retro tropes to glorious effect, and it’s little surprise her name has cropped up on many a ones to watch list. She certainly is one to watch, but beware of getting too embroiled in her site: I’ve lost half a day in there (and then some), and boy it’s been enjoyable.


Claudia Maté: Gif


Claudia Maté: Gif


Claudia Maté: Portrait


Claudia Maté: Ecommerce shop


Claudia Maté: Portfolio site