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Clément Le Tulle-Neyret’s considered approach to Strange Designs

Some slick book design here from Lyon-based art director and graphic designer Clément Le Tulle-Neyret. As well as boasting possibly one of the Frenchest names we’ve ever had the pleasure of reading, his work is also very true to his home nation. His catalogue for Grenoble’s Avatars de Rousseau exhibition takes a simple red and white colour palette to draw together imagery and essays. The neat layout recalls 19th Century pamphlet design, which seems fitting with Rousseau’s politics. A rather different project is his Strange Designs book of essays by designers including Elio Caccavale, Didier Faustino and Pieke Bergmans. Again, a minimal colour palette is used, but here green is the star of the show. Clément’s choice is based on the fact that green is “the colour of Satan…strange beings, sorcerers…genies in bottles,” among other odd entities. Both books are published by it: éditions.


Clément Le Tulle-Neyret: Strange Design


Clément Le Tulle-Neyret: Avatars de Rousseau


Clément Le Tulle-Neyret: Avatars de Rousseau


Clément Le Tulle-Neyret: Avatars de Rousseau


Clément Le Tulle-Neyret: Avatars de Rousseau