Colin Doyle: UntitledColin Doyle: Untitled

Work / Photography

Photographer Colin Doyle finds the important in the insignificant everyday

“I often feel like I am in over my head” says Colin Doyle of our image-saturated culture, “as if my actions, my existence, and my work are of little importance.” But then Colin’s photographs might fall quite aesthetically into the aggregators ambit, and could very well be described as Tumblr-friendly works, full of the ambiguity of objects regularly encountered but rarely seen in such sculptural contexts. They concentrate on a moment that breaks the commonplace of the thing – the shatter in the glass, the murk of close weather obscuring buildings, the desiccating mango, etc – and in doing so the artist comes to terms with his self-perceived “insignificance,” the “randomness, and the perception of reality.”


Colin Doyle: Untitled


Colin Doyle: Untitled


Colin Doyle: Untitled