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Bookshelf: The brilliant, varied Comics Workbook is a killer resource for comics obsessives

Comics Workbook is a Tumblr featuring cartoonists’ works-in-progress, brief bespoke comics, and comics reviews in comics form. There’s an incredible, inspiring range of work – honest and mucky, they feel fresh from the page they were inked on. It was set up by and curated by Frank Santoro who through this and his other work offers great comics guidance and platforms for budding and established cartoonists.

One regular contributor is Simon Hanselmann (who drew his bookshelf for us here after we raved about his Megg and Mogg comics here); at least Truth Zone, in which Megg and Mogg review comics, was regular until an unpopular recent hiatus. There are other lovely series such as Aiden Koch’s Elements of Painting and Oliver East’s Rolling Stock. Some cartoonists use the space to reflect on getting stuck in their work, others use it to explore a different avenue or to document unfinished early pages of a larger work. It’s a fantastic resource revealing some of the exciting work that’s going on in comics at the moment, and it’s also a wonderful comics library in itself.


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