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Anna Trench

Anna is a writer and illustrator who joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Cambridge University and Falmouth university. She wrote for the site between January and March 2013.

  1. Things-list Things Things 2013 #10: slingshot, sexy haiku's, girls' mag, rocks and eye-dizzying posters
  2. Sign-painters Film Upcoming film celebrates the under-appreciated art and craft of sign painting
  3. Woodcum-htec-list Illustration Lovely, strange and stained illustrations from Woodcum in Moscow
  4. Nieves Publication Like Nieves, zines and box-sets? Then their 2012 zine box is for you!
  5. Marykatherine-list3 Photography Grainy castles, topiary and miniature golf from Mary Katherine Spence
  6. Anton-van-hertbruggen-list Introducing... Introducing...Anton Van Hertbruggen’s beautiful, spacious illustrations of star-gazing in surburbia
  7. Thing-list-9-march Things Things 2013 #9: an imaginary creature, a brave cat, a graphic novel, signs and photos
  8. Sturmey-archer-list Advertising Glorious olds advertisements for Sturmey-Archer bicycle gear hubs
  9. Comics-workbook-list Illustration Bookshelf: The brilliant, varied Comics Workbook is a killer resource for comics obsessives
  10. Bruce-mackay-sml Illustration Bruce Mackay’s portholes: patterned pen and ink windows to the waves
  11. Wolves-list Animation Richard Forbes-Hamilton’s beautiful animation for Valentina’s Wolves
  12. Sendak-brothers_book_sml Publication Maurice Sendak’s last work, My Brother’s Book – a beautiful, poignant elegy to love and loss
  13. Ny-city-water-farm-list Architecture Lovely, visionary designs for a New York City water farm from DoCK Lab
  14. Democratic-lecture-list Publication Craig Oldham’s Democratic Lecture delivers advice for aspiring designers
  15. Kate-beaton-list Illustration Kate Beaton’s outstanding Hark! A Vagrant comics make learning really, really fun
  16. Things-2-march- Things Things 2013 #9: a green football zine, a pretty LP, Latvian architecture, superheroes and pop stars
  17. Well-proven-chair-list Furniture Design Unusual foamy chair seats made from furniture factory shavings
  18. Utec-potable-water-generator-list Product Design Refreshing and inspiring – the billboard that generates water from air
  19. Dylan-spencer-davidson-gang-boxers-list Art The Gang Boxers – Dylan Spencer-Davidson’s very special project
  20. Ze-jian-shen-list Illustration Inky, bloody, sexy and violent melodramas from comics star Zejian Shen
  21. Police-log-list Illustration Owen Cook’s wonderful comics made from the Carmel Pine Cone police log
  22. Kodachrome-list2 Photography Adjusted Kodachrome transparencies bring colour and contrast to the 1940s
  23. Blind-maps-list Product Design Interactive braille smart phone maps for the visually impaired
  24. Thomas-matthews-list Illustration Thomas Matthews’ hand-drawn graphite posters for Ingmar Bergman films
  25. Prieto-list2 Art Francisca Prieto’s Between Folds series creates origami windows into the past
  26. Jochen-list-new Illustration Fascinating comics and illustration reappropriation from Jochen Gerner
  27. Things-22-02-list Things Things 2013 #8: professional wrestling, Swedish design, youthful shots, 180 shots and the future of illustration.
  28. Jamie-jones-list Introducing... Introducing...The bold, richly coloured illustrations of the mysterious Jamie Jones
  29. Olle-list Illustration Some excellent risograph prints from Stokholm’s PEOW! studio
  30. Bastien-list Illustration Jeremy Bastien's intricate inky comics learned a lot from the Victorians
  31. Pbf-comics-list Illustration The Perry Bible Fellowship – exceptionally good comics from Nicolas Grunwich
  32. Ryan-list Publication A personal, handwritten and hand-cut tour through Rob Ryan’s recent work
  33. Underground-list Exhibition London Transport Museum shows 150 beautiful and innovative Tube posters
  34. Things-15-02-list2 Things Things 2013 #7: comics, illustrations, briefs, shirts and a little bit of navel gazing
  35. Pulp-list3 Illustration Sexy, punning, gloriously pulpy revamps of literary classics
  36. Guo-list-rosemary Illustration Jingyao Guo’s black and white washes of famous girls from films
  37. Lidbetter-list-2 Photography Turned Over: David Lidbetter’s photographs of the underside of things
  38. Hanawalt-list Illustration Delightful, dirty, anthropomorphic fun from the very skilled hand of Lisa Hanawalt
  39. List Illustration An interview with the brilliant cartoonist and graphic memoirist Alison Bechdel
  40. Marra-list Illustration Infectious fun, sex and violence in Benjamin Marra’s pulpy comic treats
  41. Snail-list Illustration Under David Janes’ mocked-up houses lies a host of pen and ink delights
  42. 4panel-list Illustration Carousel magazine's brilliant 4PANEL celebrates the four panel comic strip
  43. Cosmic-list Art Typestracts: concrete poetry by the Benedictine monk Dom Sylvester Houédard
  44. List-things Things Things 2013 #6: Oceanic gems, excellent illustration, nice cards, politics and fabric... Hello Things.
  45. List-wallinger Art London Underground turns 150 with Mark Wallinger’s labyrinthine roundels
  46. Yan-nascimbene2 Illustration Beautiful watercolour illustrations from the late Yan Nascimbene
  47. List-crb Publication Great new zines from Café Royal Books offer unlikely tours of Britain and America
  48. Raw-list Uncategorized Raw Color's massive foam sculptures look like a lot of fun
  49. Cosy-list Photography Johannes Romppanen shoots a beautiful Cosy Residence for Monocle
  50. List-things-01 Things Things 2013 #5: A porcelain hippy, and Southampton’s factories :it’s the thinking person’s Things
  51. Horowitz-list Illustration Beautifully twisted: welcome to Daniel Horowitz’s year of making a drawing a day
  52. Murder-list Exhibition Murder in the (British) Library: A thrilling A-Z of Crime Fiction
  53. Laura-callaghan-list Illustration Girls, books, eyebrows and patterns. Laura Callaghan’s got it covered
  54. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: Pride and Prejudice: does myth-making obscure the work?
  55. List-toby Illustration Enter Tobatron/Toby Leigh - the wittiest retro janus-faced illustrator around
  56. List-neuromantics Graphic Design Delve into Bunker – an infrequent blog dusting off old design tomes
  57. Ghost-stories-list Animation New animation anthology from Late Night Work Club looks scarily good!
  58. Cara-phillips Photography Chilling insights into plastic surgery clinics and the instruments of transformation
  59. List-things Things Things 2013 #4: Queer cinema, mauled hands and a very sweet intro... Looks like this week’s Things!
  60. List-golden-comics Publication KAPOW! — A new book from Taschen chronicles the Golden Age when men in tights ruled the page
  61. Big-idea-list Music Joe Dixon’s video for Black Books’ new track shows a sweet, unusual date night
  62. Tetris-list Art Michael Johansson’s grand-scale Tetris features computers, keyboards and cars
  63. Gray-list Photography Wander through Christopher Gray's wild places. It's Nothing Specific, just beautiful
  64. Tom-rainford-list Animation Introducing...The rhythmic animations and illustrations of Tom Rainford
  65. List-powers-bowman-3 Illustration Come strain your eyes with J Powers Bowman’s intricate imaginary worlds
  66. List-office Sculpture Check out this brilliant replica office of an ad agency so successful it never existed
  67. List-7-eleven Graphic Design Futuristic in a retro way: BVD's super nice rebranding of the old, faithful 7-Eleven
  68. Things-list-18-01 Things Things 2013 #3: Things gets drunk on cider, washed up, washed out and then draws its dreams
  69. Mark-newgarden's-sketchbook-list Publication A thrilling peek into the sketchbooks of over 80 great cartoonists
  70. List-momo Photography Finding Momo! Sweet snowy series in search of a chameleon Collie
  71. Aspen-list Exhibition Exhibition of super rare Aspen magazine: the 3D multimedia bonanza in a box
  72. List-neapolis Graphic Design Very nice new book from the excellent Ill Studio oozes quiet confidence
  73. Love-and-rockets-list Illustration The inimitable Love and Rockets turns 30! Let’s celebrate with a look at their fantastic front covers
  74. List Film Nice! Slow motion skaters pelted with water bombs to ambient electronica
  75. Pereira-luckman-lax-list Architecture Los Angeles’ A+D Museum plans to show visionary designs for a city that never was
  76. Web-things-list Things Things 2013 #2: This week's Things features calendars, coal holes and photography from Down Under
  77. Rb-list Illustration Check out illustrator Rose Blake’s updated website - by jove she's done it again!
  78. Megg-list-5 Illustration Wonderful re-imagining of Meg & Mog takes stoner art to new highs
  79. List-okolo Publication Brighten up your morning with OKOLO's latest Liguria edition
  80. Herero-list Photography Stunning photographs of the Herero tribe of Namibia by Jim Naughten