UTEC: Potable Water Generator

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Refreshing and inspiring – the billboard that generates water from air

Often billboards do no more than clog up the sky with uninspiring advertising. But in Lima, in the midst of the Peruvian desert, one has been made that does nothing less than create drinking water from thin air. There’s a dire lack of clean water in the region and rarely any rainfall. Atmospheric humidity, however, is at 98 per cent.

The local University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) teamed up with creative agency Mayo Draftfcb to create this brilliant billboard – generators capture the air’s humidity and turn it into 100 litres of clean drinking water every day which is then stored in five easily accessible tanks. At the same time, it also advertises the kind of engineers UTEC want to be recruiting. Such a great idea!


UTEC: Potable Water Generator (still)


UTEC: Potable Water Generator (still)


UTEC: Potable Water Generator (still)