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Shop: We’ve only gone and made some T-shirts to celebrate summer – come get them!

Hey kids, how’s it going? Bet you’re enjoying the good weather out there aren’t you? We are too – in fact we’re enjoying it more than you because we’ve got some exciting, weather-related news that we’ve been hanging on to for ages, just waiting for the sun to rear its glorious golden head. You see way back when it was miserable and cold, we commissioned a few of our favourite illustrators to produce some beautiful, summery T-shirt designs for you all to enjoy when the warmer months came. So here we are with a whole stack of them, ready to wear out and about, perhaps with some shades on your face and a 99 in your hand.

The tees come courtesy of four of our favourite illustrators, Oscar Bolton-Green, Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk, Ted Parker and Santtu Mustonen, and feature imagery that’s designed to get you in the mood for summer. We’ve also printed a fresh batch of our trademark Nice Face tees and some brand new Company of Parrots (that’s the name of our shop) logo tees, designed by the brilliant Steven Harrington.

As you’ve probably noticed, we pretty much spent our entire budget on making sure the quality of these bad boys was up to scratch, so we took up the modelling duties ourselves and flaunted our wares on a cold Shoreditch curbside so you could get an idea of what they look like with people in them. Great! Anyway, get one while it’s hot or live to regret it forever. Just LOOK how happy they made us!


Company of Parrots: Jordy Van Der Niewendijk


Company of Parrots: Santtu Mustonen


Company of Parrots: Oscar Bolton-Green


Company of Parrots: Ted Parker


Company of Parrots: It’s Nice That Logo


Company of Parrots: Company Of Parrots Logo


Company of Parrots: Label details


Company of Parrots: Label details


Company of Parrots: It’s Nice That Logo