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Company Of Parrots: We’ve restocked the shop to celebrate this long summer

Roll up roll up one and all. To celebrate this prolonged summer of clement weather (it’s not often we get to say that) we’ve restocked the Company Of Parrots shop with all our most popular products. The last lot sold out super fast and we know we left some of you disappointed, but put all that heartache behind you because now you can get your greedy little mitts on the very finest T-Shirts we have to offer. That means more cheerful multi-coloured suns, more dancing couples and yes, more of that cheeky little chap we use as our logo. There’s also more totes in stock too so you can carry the It’s Nice That smile and Company Of Parrots parrot about your person all the time. Chop chop though, these guys are hot to trot and once they’re gone, well, they’re gone!


Jordy Van Den Niewendijk: Fun Sun


Jordy Van Den Niewendijk: Fun Sun


Santtu Mustonen: Spring


Santtu Mustonen: Spring


Print Liberation: Nice Face