Work / Film give us a great glimpse into paper sculptor Li Hongbo’s studio

Hey remember when we all went crazy for Li Hongbo’s amazing paper sculptures of flowers, guns and skulls (the big three)? Well our pals over at have just produced this excellent behind-the-scenes visit to Li’s studio where they interviewed the man himself about his insane skills and watched him at work as well. It’s nicely shot and insightful and there’s some proper process porn shots thrown in for good measure. It’s always a pleasure to get a glimpse into where great work comes from, both in terms of materials, manufacture and ideas. Take three minutes to enjoy this – you won’t regret it.

Lhc1 Li Hongbo – Out of Paper (still)

Lhc2 Li Hongbo – Out of Paper (still)

Lhc3 Li Hongbo – Out of Paper (still)

Lhc4 Li Hongbo – Out of Paper (still)