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Hate never seemed so charming than in Crane’s film of Mr Bingo (maybe NSFW)

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see enfant terrible of the illustration world Mr Bingo give a talk, you’ll know that he’s a charismatic chap who speaks about his craft with sly wit and brutal honesty. But if you’ve never had the pleasure then don’t despair, because have produced this excellent short little piece about the man and his recent triumphant work, Hate Mail. In just a couple of minutes we learn not only why he was moved to start sending insulting missives to strangers, but also how he got his name and we get to see him use a postbox. Come on, it’s Friday. pop your headphones in and submit to the Bingo…

Mb1 Mr Bingo – Hate Mail

Mb2 Mr Bingo – Hate Mail

Mb6 Mr Bingo – Hate Mail

Mb4 Mr Bingo – Hate Mail

Mb5 Mr Bingo – Hate Mail