Dan Romanoski: Self-initiated posters

Work / Graphic Design

80s brights and industrial monochromes by Dan Romanoski

Some bands thrust their fans’ hands into their pockets with things like “pussy rings,” a “tedious beer” or a box set of dildos, as James Cartwright found out.. Others are content with great graphic design across posters, record sleeves, patches and T-shirts, and that’s where Dan Romanoski fits in. Dan is a freelance designer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. His work careers through numerous styles and concerns, from some 80s-like colour combinations reminiscent of the big, baggy things my mum wore when I was small to more industrial-led monochrome works, all executed with finesse.


Dan Romanoski: Gig flyer for the band Wunderbeast.


Dan Romanoski: Merchandise for the band Wunderbeast


Dan Romanoski: Merchandise for the band Wunderbeast


Dan Romanoski: Pharmakon poster


Dan Romanoski: New Geographic poster


Dan Romanoski: Single art for Bethany Oiler’s Your Eyes.