Dan Witz: Winnetka, Ill

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Dan Witz is back showing off some stunning light paintings at the Gestalten space in Berlin

Last year we came across the hyper-real oils on canvas of Chicago artist Dan Witz and were completely blown away. His vastly complex studies of mosh pits defied belief and were so laboriously constructed we could hardly believe that Dan could find time to do anything else. In actual fact he’s produced an intimidating number of hyper-real paintings over the course of his career and also managed to maintain a pretty illustrious practice as a street artist.

“Cut to the chase,” I hear you snap, “why are we looking at his work again?” Well Dan’s talents are about to be recognised by the lovely folks at Gestalten with a new show in their Berlin space focusing on Dan’s impressive work with light. From gaudily-lit spirit bottles at the back of antiquated bars to the flickering neon glow of crumbling liquor stores, Dan’s captured any number light sources with his talented brush. These canvases have to be seen to be believed so we recommend getting down there in person to see what all the fuss is about.

Bar Shrines, Lamps and Other Paintings of Light can be seen from Friday April 26 at the Gestalten Space, Berlin.


Dan Witz: Bar Shrine #3 M Shanghai


Dan Witz: J&J liquor


Dan Witz: Park Ave. Lobby Lamp


Dan Witz: R&N Grocery


Dan Witz: Elevator Door


Dan Witz: Park Ave Lobby Lamp with Telephone


Dan Witz: Hermano & Deli


Dan Witz: Winnetka, Ill


Dan Witz: Bar Shrine #2 Triptych