Dave Cooper: Dave Cooper: Holland Animation Film Festival (detail)

Work / Illustration

Dave Cooper’s cartoons take on the perpetual motion of humanoid wheels

Dave Cooper is a fine cartoonist with an oil-painter’s palette and a sophisticatedly puerile sense of humour. He appears to specialise in characters with glassy, lilly-pad pupils that reflect an eternal window, women with excellent constitutions and fleshy parts (breasts, buttocks, eyeballs) that act independently from the rest of their body, anthropomorphs and crowd scenes.

As well as a plethora of comics, children’s books and animations, Cooper’s illustrations on posters and book covers are single-hit epics with an insane level of compositional and character detail squeezed (there is always some kind of squeezing) into frame – a great example of which being his latest offering for Heroescon 2012 (directly below).


Dave Cooper: Heroscon 2012


Dave Cooper: Oslo Comics Expo


Dave Cooper: Holland Animation Film Festival


Dave Cooper: Otowa 01 International Student Animation Festival