David Janes: Green House mock-up

Work / Illustration

Under David Janes’ mocked-up houses lies a host of pen and ink delights

David Janes sent us a small book of a green pop-up paper house. Complete with building instructions and a watercolour of several emerald houses dwarfing London, it’s a nice way to showcase his skills in artwork, mock-ups, guidelines and visual trickery.

But scroll a little further down his site and you’ll find a pen and ink treasure trove. Aside from the delightful giant snail crossing Vauxhall bridge and the chameleon leaving Westminster cathedral, David Janes keeps it black and white. There’s an huge, intricate bindweed covered Shard, hundreds of sketches of political figures in mid-spitting flow, some crosshatched Gorey-esque narratives and Victorian machinated creatures. He says he’s “a freelance design dogsbody with aspirations to be a painter…”, we say the products of his aspirations are looking very fine.


David Janes: Green House mock-up


David Janes: Snail Crossing Vauxhall Bridge


David Janes: Microwave from The Moriarty Papers


David Janes: from The Bonaparte Bust


David Janes: Chameleon Leaving Westminster Cathedral


David Janes: Rat from The Moriarty Papers


David Janes: The Bindweed Shard


David Janes: Gaddafi