Work / Photography

David Ryle

We use a series of categories to best compartmentalise the work we showcase. You may have noticed – art, design and writing, for example, are tagged with the words ‘Art’, ‘Design’ and ‘Writing’ respectively, and so on. Although sometimes it doesn’t work. David Ryle’s work slips easily into the category of ‘Photography’, but here we realise the importance of creating appropriate alternatives – tags like ‘Oh_my_god_like_seriously_wow_oh_my_god’, ‘These_are_unbelievable_are_they_really_for_real’, and ‘Weve_never_seen_beauty_quite_like_this_before’ are both applicable and necessary in David’s special, special case.

Just so you know, these images are the result of time David recently spent in the Mojave Desert, where he conducted an ‘Oh_my_god_that_is_seriously_good’ topographical study of the mountains and desert roads.