Day Stay Hay explores how graphic language changes when digital and analogue realms intersect

“We aim to express our thoughts through graphic design, much like how a television or radio broadcasts signals through an antenna.”

24 October 2023

Based between Seoul and Busan, Day Stay Hay is a studio dedicated to demonstrating the “expansiveness” of graphic design. Immersed in a broad range of fields, from fashion, art, science and philosophy, the studio sees thematic breadth as an integral part of creating an intriguing body of work. Throughout its portfolio you’ll encounter 3D flower flip-books, hand-cut type experiments and many moments of illustrative humour.

In terms of process, the studio finds great inspiration in blending mediums, exploring the changes that occur in graphic language when “digital and analogue realms intersect”. This approach comes across brilliantly in its Paradise and Sheol publication. A typographic title first appears drawn by felt tip pen but, upon closer inspection, the effect of bleeding pen at the edges is in fact achieved with pixels. Certainly, the real pleasure of working your way through Day Stay Hay’s output is spending that extra moment with each piece trying to deduce whether something has been hand-drawn, digitally created, or perhaps a bit of both.


Paradise and Sheol (Copyright © Day Stay Hay, 2023)


Kiss (Copyright © Day Stay Hay, 2023)


Letters and flower arrangement (Copyright © Day Stay Hay, 2023)


Programme (Copyright © Day Stay Hay, 2023)


Letters and System (Copyright © Day Stay Hay, 2023)


Graphic and Genetics (Copyright © Day Stay Hay, 2023)


Round Table (Copyright © Day Stay Hay, 2023)


Random Access (Copyright © Day Stay Hay, 2023)


NIKE-Motion (Copyright © Day Stay Hay, 2023)

Hero Header

Garden Index (Copyright © Day Stay Hay, 2023)

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