Step into the kinetic world of Dimitri Erhard's future-facing graphic design

The graphic designer talks us through the chaos of work that's always changing, and how to stay inspired in a constantly moving world.

1 March 2023


Basel-based Dimitri Erhard's graphic design is so endlessly creative that we're sure he's destined for great things in his career. Each piece takes two, three, maybe four times to wrap your head around – but what's always immediately apparent is how aesthetically stunning they all are. Pushing the frontier of digital aesthetics with Matrix-like elements, they are at once futuristic as they are contemporary. “Spending a lot of time outside, while simultaneously having access to my dad’s computer, experimenting with CAD softwares and stop-motion maybe had an important influence on me,” he tells It's Nice That.

Dimitri's work, although predominantly based in graphic design, ranges from type design through to animation. “This variation is also reflected in my process, where I try to work with different techniques that give me the opportunity to capture things in a new way, to create an ever-changing view of my work,” he says. “The process of learning and mastering new programs and analogue techniques gives me a certain limitless range of possibilities to express my creativity without any restrictions.” As a result, his process can become “quite chaotic”, whether it's a pencil drawing, generating an engine or chopping a soapstone. “It’s all about getting somewhere with the tools I feel comfortable with or that caught my interest,” Dimitri explains.

Overall, a constant reference for Dimitri remains the human body and movement. “A lot of my work is based on a real person’s movement that I capture,” he says. “From there it can become a movement for a 3D-character, turned into an abstract shape or something symbolic like a letter.” With each piece, Dimitri always tries to stray from the norm and keep it wholly original.

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Copyright © Dimitri Erhard, 2023

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