"Oh how far we've cum!": PC Erotic magazine questions human sexuality and technology (NSFW)

8 November 2018

PC Erotic, a new magazine by visual artist and editor Iris Luz, published by Ditto, is a publication asking personal questions in a wider, readable context. Positioning itself snugly between human sexuality and technology, PC Erotic is an attempt to understand our relationship to them both. “What happens when avatars of porn stars become more popular than the people they represent?” its first issue asks for instance. “How does one protect oneself from the real internet pervert: Google? What about technologically enhanced pornstars? and future dildos… SO many future dildos?”

The publication answers these questions with unashamedly impactful imagery. Its considered and boundary-pushing commissioning has already garnered PC Erotic a reputation – and it’s just hit the shelves. Its use of photography, graphic and editorial design is stylistically “a bit too much”, but in the best way possible. It’s sticky and overtly sexual; a fact likely to make you shriek if spotted in your local newsagents, but one that makes it impossible to look away.

In terms of editorial content and the magazine’s particular viewpoint, PC Erotic picks up on the fact that today’s generation is undoubtedly a tech-savvy one, we’re “the all-encompassing digital nomads!” it announces. It’s a generation which has achieved a varied selection of successes through “the power of technology” but in turn, “we’ve also opened a whole new realm of possibilities, good and bad, as to what sexuality can be – do we need to remind anyone about Bronies [adult fans of My Little Pony]” the publication points out. “And now thanks to the data mining revolution it is easier than ever to find your favourite Shrek-themed pansexual hentai, and justify that’s an actual thing… Oh how far we’ve cum!”

In its ability to notice how digital society is “not just us growing into, and penetrating, the secrets of technology. It’s also our technology growing into, and penetrating, us”. As a result, the magazine’s first issue – featuring robot chat, tentacle porn, sexy avatars and contributors such as Maria Forque, Monsterrat Romina and Lily Evangeline – it’s a printed “exploration of complex and current societal issues and how our morals and values are evolving nearly as rapidly as our technology,” says Ditto. “Join us on the digital highway to the new sexual revolution!”

The first issue of PC Erotic is available here.


PC Erotic: PC Erotic Team


PC Erotic: Lily Evangeline


PC Erotic: Ashley Munns and Damien Maloney


PC Erotic: Lily Bloom


PC Erotic: Monsterrat Romina


PC Erotic: Maria Forque by Victor Naumovski

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