Dogboy: The V&A Friday Late

Work / Illustration

Dogboy’s intergalactic, dystopian monsters are out of this world

How often is it that you come across a cartoonist who manages to combine space-age wicca, metal-head monsters and rainbow coloured dystopian cities, all on the same page? Dogboy, aka Philip Huntington, achieves this seemingly impossible feat in his kaleidoscopic illustrations, which he describes as working “towards the creation of an alternative reality.”

His characters look like what might happen if the devilish vampires in Buffy got sent into outer space and then were doused in buckets of Lego-coloured paint. It’s difficult to tell what his bulbous bunch are up to, whether they’re partying or rioting or being brutally punished, and in one image they seem to be in the middle of hosting an intergalactic radio show as part of some evil plot to take over the galaxy, but I can’t be sure. I’m even more unsure about whether I want to join in on the psychedelic anarchy, or run very, very far away.


Dogboy: Guy’s & St Thomas’ Charity


Dogboy: Untitled


Dogboy: Untitled




Dogboy: Untitled