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Dominic Wilcox’s bonkers breakfast-based inventions for Kellogg’s

Content very much skewed towards a certain brand isn’t often something we’d rush to chat about, but in the case of Dominic Wilcox’s work for Kellogg’s, we’re more than happy to make an exception. Yes, the cereal behemoth’s distinctive cock is very much lurking about in the background, but Dominic’s imagination and surreal approach has made the series of breakfast-based designs something of a delight. Answering a brief to “make breakfast time more fun and interesting for families and children going back to school,” Dominic created a range of products including a Soggy-o-Meter, which shows when a bowl of cereal has reached the breakfaster’s exact preferred moistness level, and a cereal bowl that amplifies the sound of Rice Krispies popping. There’s also a sweet little buzzing robot spoon that makes sure people are eating enough cereal, but our favourite has to be the wearable crane – something surely we’ve all felt we needed at some point in our lives when our hat just wasn’t cutting it in the scooping-cornflakes-up-like-a-digger stakes.


Dominic Wilcox: Robot Spoon for Kellogg’s


Dominic Wilcox: Snap Bowl for Kellogg’s


Dominic Wilcox: Crane Head Cereal-Serving Device sketch


Dominic Wilcox: The Snap, Crackle and Pop Amplification Bowl sketch


Dominic Wilcox:Robowl personal flying assistant for Kellogg’s


Dominic Wilcox: Breakfast is served pillow for Kellogg’s


Dominic Wilcox: Crane Head Cereal-Serving Device for Kellogg’s


Dominic Wilcox: Snap Bowl for Kellogg’s prototype


Dominic Wilcox: Hungry Tummy Amplification Device for Kellogg’s