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Swiss undergrad Dominik Junker’s portfolio of minimal graphic design

Swiss graphic designer Dominik Junker has an accomplished portfolio for someone still studying. Growing up in St. Gallen, Switzerland, Dominik completed an apprenticeship as a graphic designer before moving to Zurich to study Visual Communication, a bachelor’s degree he will complete this year.

Already completing an internship in 2015 at Zak Group, London, Dominik has learnt that to push a project to the best of its potential is key. “Always try to identify the core of a project,” he tells It’s Nice That. “For me, it is always important to make the project authentic and unique.”

“Of course, as a Swiss graphic designer I’m into typography, grids and systems,” says Dominik modestly describing his process. Across poster or book design, the designer says his work is “quite minimalistic, authentic and reduced, I’m always interested in new fonts and have tried to design one myself.” Throughout Dominik’s portfolio typography appears to be the leading creative, structured minimally but with consideration. Stripping back layout designs is a brave move, leaving nowhere for a designer to hide their mistakes, but this is an area Dominik shines within.

Newer projects for the undergrad include “an album cover series for a friend’s band,” the starting ground for many a budding designer. As well as, “a booklet for the cinema program of Klub Kulsehov, which shows a series of stills from the 50 movies of the program.”


Dominik Junker: Wait


Dominik Junker: Groteska


Dominik Junker: Habitus Helveticus


Dominik Junker: Infotage


Dominik Junker: Kuleshov


Dominik Junker: Kuleshov


Dominik Junker: ZETT


Dominik Junker: Mehlvideo


Dominik Junker: Buergerfeler