Work / Illustration

Doug Miller’s atmospheric architectural illustrations

Doug Miller, a London-based architectural assistant has a trained eye for composition. Alongside his day job, Doug creates insanely detailed illustrations exploring “small narratives of his tiny figures,” inside “surreal and fanatical architectural scenes,” he explains.

Doug’s illustrations are created using computer modelling and careful line drawings. His aim is to “achieve a balance between clean digital line and painterly atmosphere in photoshop and illustrator”. His portfolio is a mix of colourful illustrations and more simplistic two-tone line drawings. When using colour, hues are cautiously decided to create ethereal interiors and buildings. His works play with scale and isometric compositions inspired by a range of influences, “from speculative, orthogonal architecture drawings to the famously vibrant Franco-Belgian science fiction comics of Francois Schuiten and Jean Giraud”.

This spring, Doug hopes to publish his first short series, Sculpture Gardens which he recently printed using risograph as an experimental run. After graduating from the Bartlett School of Architecture in 2015, where he also won the Donaldson Medal, Doug hopes to pursue a masters in architecture, focusing on drawing and narrative.


Doug Miller: Scale Model Series II


Doug Miller: Hand and House


Doug Miller: Sculpture Gardens, Clay Mining


Doug Miller: Clay Digging


Doug Miller: Jungle Plants


Doug Miller: People Sheet Planning


Doug Miller: Sculpture Garden