Work / Animation

Colourful and musical animations from Drew Tyndell

Moving pictures and music are a simple, universal pleasure, which is probably why I’m so drawn to Drew Tyndall’s series of animations, Loops.

I first saw these in gif form and while I love a gif, the 15 second shorts Drew’s placed on his Vimeo channel feel a bit more special. The accompanying soundtracks overlaying each of the loops really lifts them in a way that makes the colours seems bolder, the movements seem more playful and the textures more lively.

The Nashville-based artist has previously been featured on the site for his painted wooden sculptures, and it’s great to see him now experimenting with animation. In one video, plinky-plonky music brilliantly mimics bouncing spots navigating their way through linear blocks. In another, muffled underwater sounds are heard lapping up against fluid blotches of peachy greys in a dreamy sequence. This variety is great and Drew’s work is a perfect example of how marvellously music and images can work in harmony together to create something super fun and original.