With a feline mark and carry handle, DXD Studio has created the trendiest cat food on the market

Maowoo is one for the cool cats.

2 August 2023


Where do you keep your cat food? Inside a cupboard? Below the sink? Tucked away behind a counter? Wherever you store it, our bets are that it’s purposefully kept out of direct sight – and it’s understandable. Often featuring intense portraits of cats, a faux-gourmet gold finish or austere labels which boast the science-backed benefits of the food, standard cat food packaging doesn’t scream to be seen. That is, unless DXD Studio has anything to do with it. For the cat food brand Maowoo, the studio has created a bold packaging system, complete with a feline face logo and even a nifty carry handle.

When Maowoo first approached DXD, it was seeking a “distinctive” identity that spoke to a younger generation of cat owners, DXD partner Zhou Shengdian explains. The company wanted packaging that would better integrate into modern urban homes but also needed to prove its food was healthy and up to standard, with a grounding in science. The main challenge therefore was to combine “lifestyle aesthetics” with “scientific cat care”.

GalleryDXD Studio: Maowoo (Copyright ©️ DXD Studio, 2023)

The first point of inspiration for the studio was the company’s name. “The Chinese name of this brand is 毛兀, and the pronunciation of the Chinese characters 毛兀 sounds similar to the meowing sound of a cat,” says Zhou. DXD spotted that the characters had a resemblance to whiskers and a mouth and so created a wordmark that would give the impression of a smiling feline face. The face adds a playful element to the packaging, tapping into the “youthful” market DXD are targeting. This graphic element is then paired with a vibrant palette of bright oranges and blues and a circular striped pattern, just like you might find on a cat’s coat.

One convention that DXD was intent on breaking was how the product was stored and transported. The team moved away from heavy bags or simple tins, instead opting for a box with a handle, reminiscent of baked goods. Not only does this make the product more portable and unique, Zhou believes that the approach “provides an intuitive sense of deliciousness, enriches the level of packaging design, and makes the canned food inside appear precious”.

GalleryDXD Studio: Maowoo (Copyright ©️ DXD Studio, 2023)

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DXD Studio: Maowoo (Copyright ©️ DXD Studio, 2023)

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