Ed Anthony: Nicholas Grimshaw (detail)

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Art: Ed Anthony creates stunning graphite portraits of today’s greatest architects

Ed Anthony is a self-taught artist based in London who specialises in the creation of large-scale graphite portraits. His enormous works on paper demonstrate an extraordinary understanding of texture and tone, using a single, simple medium to render the faces of his sitters in strikingly realistic detail. In this particular series Ed has focussed his attention on some of the biggest names in architecture today – he works as an architectural model-maker by day – and immortalised them in graphite, interviewing them while he did so to better understand their relationship with physical media. He’s also got a show opening at the Palazzo Bembo in Venice this week, where you’ll be able to see more of his portraits in person.


Ed Anthony: Graham Stirk


Ed Anthony: Norman Foster


Ed Anthony: Richard Rogers


Ed Anthony: Sarah Wigglesworth


Ed Anthony: Ron Arad


Ed Anthony: Nicholas Grimshaw