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Ed Burkes, a fine art graduate winning prize after prize

Since graduating from Falmouth’s fine art course earlier this year the paintings of Ed Burkes have won prize after prize. With his autumnal tones of rich textures and altered subject matter, we can see exactly why.

Exhibiting at The Other Fair as part of the Saatchi gallery’s Invest in Art programme, Ed’s work was chosen by chief curator Rebecca Wilson as one of 20 emerging artists to buy now. With backing from one of the most prestigious art galleries in the world, Ed has since been shortlisted as part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries, the Falmouth School of Art Purchase Prize and Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Travel to Italy award.

Ed’s paintings are fine art that elevate the everyday, with work inspired by the spark “from a commonplace drawing or situation: A friend drinking coffee, a buddy pulling up his socks, a pretty girl in the fruit and veg section of Tesco Express".

“Through the process of painting these,” Ed says, "preliminary considerations begin to wobble out of a sync to a point where their distinctiveness as a primary source slips away.”


Ed Burkes: It’s okay I’m in charge


Ed Burkes: In their own special colours


Ed Burkes: It looks so good


Ed Burkes: Waited in my Garden


Ed Burkes: Dancing standing still


Ed Burkes: Dancing standing still


Ed Burkes: A headlight looks into the dark, but shimmers and tells You its cool